Juniper is a known blogger and the original editor of FairyABC.

Appearance Edit


Juniper is a European girl. She's tan with dark hair and light eyes. She has a tied headband and a ponytail. Juniper wears bright colors and matches her clothes.

Description Edit

Juniper, or Angie posts kawaii art on her many social media accounts. Her blog was one of the first to post about Fairyabc and she is also an editor for other blogs. She's a fan of Miraculous Ladybug and Winx Club. Juniper is friendly to everyone, but notices when someone is trying to use her. She had a problem with Raven because of her behavior. Her Google Hangouts chat, the Pixie Chat blamed Juniper and labeled her as a traitor. She then moved into a different circle and is happier and more connected. With that came a Winx project that Juniper and Harmony Songera began working on.

Her personality is kind, extroverted, and calm.