Breezy is a very well-known wrath fairy usually seen in corners, under a leaf, in Dewdrop Vale, or hanging around her BFFFs (Best Fairy Friends Forever).

Appearance Edit

Breezy Wintersparkle

She is known for extremely pale skin, black eyes, and pitch black hair tied in a side ponytail. She wears red and black, but mostly black and white. She loves to dress like a cat.

Description Edit

Breezy is quite infamous within the FairyABC community. She is often seen as the villain in the community. She has been accused of causing distrust among players, harassing/bullying, framing, hacking, and generally breaking FairyABC rules. Some of her "crimes" are kept private, especially ones that are outside of the FairyABC realm, however she has multiple forums on her, including ones made by staff.

Anything in relation to her will get deleted or ban due to a staff crackdown of keeping breezy off the site. Despite bans, Breezy comes back time and time again to hang out with friends on the website and defend her name. Future action to get her off the site and out of the community is unknown at the time and is up to staff.

If she feels someone's hurting one of her BFFFs, she tends to target them in a way to defend her friends. This has resulted in conflict in the past. She has many people who have expressed a strong disliking towards her and many people who have defended her name. In the end, the community is the only one that will determine her reputation and her future on the site through their influence.

Breezy has adapted the skill of controlling fire to her character. Hobbies include listening to rock, filming, customizing her page, and cosplaying as a cat.

Breezy's personality is said to be "evil," however this is just an opinion of many players due to accusations.