banana (UID 137), is known as Anastasia in-game; she is also known as OG Anastasia, or Ana, and is a founding and very well known member of Fairyabc. She was permanently banned in early 2017, but, due to lack of evidence, was unbanned a few months later during a staff meeting.

Anastasia is as sassy and hilarious as they come. She is known to be best friends with Jasper (1200), and has a snow child with him named Rodger (pictured below). Her profile picture on the FairyABC forums is an accurate representation of her personality, as she is drinking out of a coconut while an explosion happens behind her. Anastasia is the type of fairy who wants to know what kind of drama is going on, but never wants to get involved herself. Along with her signature red hair, Ana can be found creating adorable outfits that are fitting for the season. She is a joy to have around the hollow!

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Ana and jazzy's son, Rodger.

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Anstasia's profile picture

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