I was sitting with my friends, chatting, and listening to my music when all of the sudden a lady named Nora interrupted ordering me to leave. Even though my brave friends were defending me, I still was being relentlessly attacked. She was barking at me not to act innocent, saying she'll never tell me what I've done, and that my name proves I'm guilty. Somehow I knew I would get slapped with a mute or ban because of something as petty as a unique name. Being aware of Nora's jealousy, I knew I had to check the report center and find out what drama that she had started. I found out that there's a report on me. The reporter described me as a "hacker who got into the servers." She mentioned that there was someone talking about me, rumors, and everyone was confused. However, the theory that I hacked the servers clashes with the fact that it was a glitch and the developer was helping it get fixed. My resolution for this problem is to stand my ground and never heartbreak over any bully's intimidation tactics.

My resolution

A special thanks to Valorie Watervalley for being such a brave & supportive friend!